E+E Workplace

Innovations Need People with Vision

As an innovation-oriented company, we are looking for employees who think outside the box and are committed to helping shape the future of measurement technology. The modern working environment is characterised by collegial and respectful cooperation. We encourage personal responsibility and are proud of the achievements of each individual.

Success Proves Us Right

Our global team has been growing for years and, in addition to our headquarters in Austria, we now have 7 national offices in Europe, Asia and the USA as part of our international network. On top of this, we are represented by local retailers in more than 60 countries.

Satisfied Employees Are Key to Our Company’s Success

With a wide range of offers and support services, we promote social cohesion and exchange, well-being and health, and the personal development of our employees.

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Healthy Together

Workplace health promotion
Being healthy means feeling good all around. At E+E Elektronik, we have established a comprehensive health promotion programme to set impulses.

Workplace environment
Awarded the "Workplace Health Promotion" seal of quality, we are constantly working on improvements to the workplace situation and evaluate them annually. With height-adjustable office desks, plenty of daylight, appropriate office room sizes, etc., we ensure the ergonomic design of the workplaces.

Sport and well-being
Physical and mental well-being is ensured by various massage services that can be used in headquarters, common active breaks and regular sports activities (including table tennis, beach volleyball, climbing and yoga courses). 

Successful Together

We celebrate our successes together and strengthen cohesion beyond departmental boundaries. We also get together with our international colleagues at the annual

Christmas party in Austria
Flexible working hours: Regardless of whether you're an early riser or a late riser, we offer flexitime.

Future-Oriented Together

Training and further education
We offer our employees a long-term perspective in the company and seek to grow sustainably. This is why professional qualifications and ongoing training are an integral part of our corporate culture.

Focus on Employees

In our career stories, E+E employees talk about their everyday work.

  • Andreas | Disposition, Keeping Track of Everything in Scheduling
    Andreas | Disposition
  • Patrik | Test Laboratory
  • Nadine, Intership Exchange
  • Sandra | Process Development
  • Silvia | Technical Production
  • Tobias | Information Technology
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